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Sofia was feeling restless in her work. Las Vegas held nothing but bad memories - aside from those she made with Sam - and it was starting to drive her crazy to think of. She knew so many people only thought she had the job because of her mother, and so many others constantly matched her up to her. She wanted to have a career of her own, without being marked against the yardstick that was her mother.

She'd heard good things about the forces over in New York and Miami. Miamiu matched more to the climate she ws already used to. So she'd sent off her application to the Miami PD, not entirely sure if she wanted it or not. IT was worth a shot. Made her feel like she was making an effort to feel better, anyway.

But, she was spending time with Sam and it already was making her feel better. She clasped onto her hand as they entered her home, and Sofia let out a breath. An afternoon in bed with Sam felt like just what the Doctor ordered.
So, this is a crack!universe, which needs to be named as of yet. Star Trek based, where Sofia is the Chief Security Officer. She meets Calleigh Duquesne, who works for Star Fleet intelligence, as an undercover Lieutenant. Basically, a chance for me to be all OMGYEYSTARTREK seeing as I'm enjoying geeking out as hesdead_jim so much. Yah.

It was Stardate 2258.5, and the Enterprise was currently residing in Romulan space. This wasn't a choice they took lightly, but Starfleet had ordered them there, after fighting had broken out on a planet just on the cusp of their territory. The Enterprise had been sent there, to rescue the survivors.

Chief of Security, Sofia Curtis had been on the planet with the away team, finding survivors and fighting off Romulans. A hand to hand battle with one had left her with a few nasty cuts, but she had expected that. They were fiercely out numbered.

But, that was the brilliance of the Enterprise and her crew, because they made a hasty exit out of Romulan space, with 23 survivors. Far more than there had been anticipated to be.

So it was laying in the medical bay, complaining as Bones shot her with yet another hypo - this one probably to keep her quiet - that she spotted the blonde on the bed across the room from her. Despite Bones telling her to stay in her bed, and quiet, she could not resist getting up and walking over to introduce herself. She may have been a survivor and barely conscious, but that didn't stop Sofia from wanting to turn on the charm. She'd heard the whispers amongst the crew - female version of Kirk and the like - but she didn't care. It was only the truth.

"You might be Security Chief, but you're still in my medical bay, so get back on your bed" Yes, that was Bones, spotting her a few steps away. With a roll of his eyes, he stared at her, challenging her to not do as told. It was then that he looked at her intended destination and groaned inwardly. "You don't stop, do you, Curtis? Bed, now. Alone."

Sofia was grinning when she raised her hands up defensively, wincing then as she realized that uh, lifting her arms meant hurting her injured shoulder. So she slumped back to her bed, though kept flicking her gaze across the room to look at the mystery woman.


May. 15th, 2009

So, this is one of my (now many!) roleplay journals.

Obviously, I play Sofia Curtis. Don't sue - I'm just borrowing her, to have fun. I don't own her.

My personal LJ is sleepy_jaffa

If you need me - both IC and OOC, drop me a line here.

Apr. 28th, 2009

A month had passed since Sofia had last seen Calleigh. Since they had shared a bed, held each other, professed their feelings for each other. She missed her, horribly. She missed her smile, her scent, everything about her.

She'd made some difficult choices in the last few days. She'd taken 2 weeks leave from work, for one, which was almost unheard of for a Curtis woman. Secondly, she'd broken up with Sara. It'd hurt her, terribly, but she had to. Whilst she had not, and never would confess to sleeping with Calleigh, she'd told her that she just didn't feel like she could give herself to Sara fully now, now she knew she'd never gotten over her own past. She needed to grow, to move on. Maybe they'd end up back together, maybe this was a break. But she'd told Sara she needed some time to find herself. Sara had been furious, but understood.

She'd booked herself into a nice enough hotel in Miami, though she hoped to end up spending more of her time with Calleigh. She knew Calleigh had this Jake person, but she'd convince her, she was sure, that they were meant to be together, not with other people.

So, she knew she worked at the Miami crime lab. Dressed in a very attractive pair of figure hugging trousers, and an equally figure hugging shirt, she tucked her sunglasses into the top where a few buttons were left undone, walking over to the front desk.

"Hi. Is a Calleigh Duquesne working today? I'm... an old friend. I'd like to see her." She spoke politely to the person on the front desk, shooting them a wide smile in the hopes of dazzling them into helping her.
Sofia was nervous, but a good kind of nervous. She'd dressed herself in a smart top and trousers, feminine and sweet, yet not overly so. She did her hair with a slight curl, and made sure she applied a light layer of make up.

She sat nervously in the small cafe, a pot of tea in front of her. Part of her expected Carlisle to not show. Why would a handsome Doctor Vampire like him, want to go on a date with a human like her? She'd been, to steal a phrase, dazzled by him. By why would that be a mutual thing?

She wrapped both of her hands round the delicate china cup, eyes scanning the place, watching, and waiting for him.

Apr. 23rd, 2009

I have a date. With... a very attractive Vampire. Uh. I'm very, very excited. Nervous, too.

Apr. 21st, 2009

So here it was, Calleigh's last day in Vegas. They'd worked together, but not spoken about the 'incident'. That being, the kiss they had shared. Sofia had felt awful for it, terribly guilty. She didn't consider herself a cheat, at all, but she was drawn to Calleigh. It sounded so cheesy, and like a page ripped right from a God-awful romance novel, but it was true. She'd fitted so perfectly in her arms when they had hugged, just like she had done 20 years ago.

She'd suggested taking Calleigh to the airport, without even realising she had done. It'd slipped out, as she spoke to Calleigh about the case she had come to assist them on. But, she wanted to see her beforehand. She had something she wanted to give her. So, she made her way over to her hotel, charming her way up to her room with a flash of her badge and a flirt with the male employee on the front desk. Men were so easy. Flash them a smile, a hint of boob, and they'd do anything for you.

She tucked a little box under her arm as she made her way up to Calleigh's room, clearing her throat nervously. She hoped she appreciated what she had for her. She was sure she would. They'd never see each other again, so it was important to Sofia to settle everything they'd left hanging. Those loose ends, needed tying up. All these years, needed some sort of conclusion.

She knocked on the door and waited patiently outside, rubbing her forehead with her fingertips as she let out a quiet breath.