Detective Sofia Curtis

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Sofia Curtis
13 September 1970
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csigirls_heaven Bio;

Age: 38
Marital Status: Married to Sara Sidle
Children: Three, Aiden James Curtis (With Sara) and twins, Caitlin Elizabeth and Connor Gregory.
Occupation: Lab Director/LVPD Captain
Needs to knows: Greg Sanders is her ex and best friend. Dislikes Catherine Willows as she is Sara's ex. Has a jealous streak, very competative, works out a lot and treats her truck like her baby. Works days, just like her wife (Who is supervisor of Day shift), which fits in perfectly with time with her son, Aiden.
Very close to her father, not so much to her mother. Used to dance when younger, and now still does Salsa. Frequently gets her ass kicked at pool, against Sara.

All other RP
Detective for LVPD, after ten years as a CSI. She left after being screwed over by Conrad Ecklie, for Boulder City, where she worked on her Detective position, before he return to Sin City.
Works out on a daily basis.
She likes bars, dancing, running and reading. She wants a pet dog, but feels it unfair to have one whilst she lives in just her condo. Maybe one day, she'll move somewhere bigger and get a pup.
She's bisexual, and though she doesn't bleet on about it, she doesn't make an issue out of hiding it, either.
She has a thing for chick flick movies - but don't tell anyone, or you'll feel the Curtis wrath!
Her mother made Captain, and every day she feels the pressure to make it too, just like her.